The dry period allows the cow to prepare for the next lactation. During these few weeks, the cow can recover from the previous lactation and get ready for the next one. This preparation period is very important for milk production and fertility during the following lactation. The difference between a successful and an unsuccessful dry period can be as much as 2000 kg of milk. The dry period is also the time when the calf puts on most growth.

Bio-Chlor tackles the dry period

Bio-Chlor is a very palatable dry period feed which increases intake. Feed consumption by the cow after calving is higher and faster, so the negative energy balance is shorter and less pronounced.

Higher DM intake

13-16 kg/DM

Less milk fever

80% reduction


Fewer placental disorders and reduction in uterine infections.

Higher fertility

Fast, active oestrus due to minimum negative energy balance

More fat and protein

Higher and more efficient milk production due to increased DM intake and a more effective rumen

  • Super colostrum quality (>25)
  • Higher DM intake after calving (13-15kg)
  • Cows produce higher yields with less effort

Bio Chlor droogstand koe

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